About Us
Csquare Holdings is a Sri Lankan diversified limited liability company incorporated in 2007 that provide effective and efficient ICT solutions. We started our business operations in the ICT domain and later on diversified into other sectors. In the past couple of years we launched subsidiaries into apparel industry, construction industry and some strategic investments in innovative projects.
Our Team

Technically qualified and trained with proven experience Provided with Brand Specific training in diagnosis and repairs Dedicated, sincere and customer oriented Continuous training and coaching of customer care & support Continuous technical training to cope with technological advancements
Our Services

Friendly Help Desk / Call Center Operations manned by experienced technical staff Flexible and Extended working hours / Round the clock services wherever required Flexible product portfolio
Our Philosophy

Efficient transfer of knowledge for complete solutions
Csquare strongly focus on transferring knowledge to its clients. We do this by assigning small yet experienced teams including senior-level personal, and focus on the efficient transfer of knowledge to our clients. We become a part of the client to work side-by-side in a collaborative environment with the client. We do an in depth study of the organization’s processes and then provide a complete IT solution all through.
Our Goal

Ultimate customer satisfaction
At Csquare, we keep our client's best interest at the forefront. We understand your need for customised services to accomplish your business objectives. In tackling each project, our team uses creative freedom and business acumen within our parameters to develop practical yet innovative solutions to meet your marketing challenges.

The key to our success has been our commitment towards achieving the ultimate goal of creating “satisfaction” in the minds of our customers, irrespective of the product or service offering.
Our Process

We follow a tried and tested process when providing solutions to our clients.

This is the initial stage of the process, where both parties (i.e. the client and Csquare) would go through a stage of educating each other. We will make use of our expertise to transfer knowledge, educate the end user of the latest technological advances available, including the benefits that could derive as a result of using these technologies. The complexity of this stage is dependent on many factors, such as the size of the organization, present IT literacy, client requirements, etc.

Here Csquare will design a concept to suite the requirements of the client. The concept will be designed to suite the present situation and also leaving provision for future developments and upgrades of the organization, hence it will be future proof.

This is where the concept will be put to action

This is not the end of the solution; we will constantly review the solution, in line with your business requirements and the changing technology. If we identify any room for improvement, we will move to the next stage…..Explore!!
Each client will go through this process before the actual solution is delivered to the client. We do not consider the relationship with the client as a one-off transaction but as a long-term partnership to progress, where we will work together towards the “efficient transfer of knowledge for complete solutions”

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